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The Seniors Mental Health Website has been created to facilitate activities related to supporting seniors’ mental health through psychosocial interventions. The content of the website comes from the Seniors’ Psychosocial Interest Group (SPIG) which has evolved from a Population Health Fund project awarded to British Columbia Psychogeriatric Association (BCPGA), and developed to continue the work begun by BCPGA, on a national level.


The purposes of SPIG include
(1) developing and promoting a better understanding of the influences of psychosocial factors on seniors’ mental health, by
(2) promoting increased integration of psychosocial and community approaches into the bio-psychosocial model of seniors’ mental health. The goals are achieved by influencing practice, policy and research through the work as an interest group, and by collaborating with others.


As a national entity SPIG has members from across Canada, from diverse stakeholder groups. SPIG members represent a broad array of disciplines, come from across Canada, and are service providers, educators, researchers, advocates, program designers and managers, and policy analysts. Members are in positions to influence practice, program and policy development related to older adults. SPIG is a formal interest group attached to the Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) which provides a venue for annual meetings attached to the CAG conference.


Disclaimer: The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the official policies of Health Canada

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